The history and evolution of motors and how servo motors came to be?

The main purpose of machines has always been to carry out work with less effort. In scientific terms, however, the main objective is to get more work done by spending less energy. And one of the very basic items discovered in early eighteenth-century England during the first industrial revolution to do so was motors. Now motors or as it is called now industrial motors have come a long way. The basic principles and premise of working of motors have remained the same however technological advancements have led to some innovative ideas to place their grip on the motors in general. And the latest version of motors that are now being used is called servo motors. Servo motors are used mainly in robotics, CNC machinery, or automated manufacturing plants across the globe.

What is a servo motor? How they are used in factories?

Servo motor (เซอร์ โว มอเตอร์ ,which is the term in Thai) is basically a rotary or linear actuator which allows precise control of angular or linear position, the velocity that is the speed and acceleration that is the increase of speed per unit time. It consists of a suitable motor coupled to a sensor for the purpose of position feedback. It also requires a sophisticated controller, which is often a dedicated module designed specifically for the use of servomotors. Servo motors, however, are not a specific class of motor rather servomotor is often used to refer to any type of motor which can be used in a closed-loop control system. Servo motors thus form one of the most basic parts of long-chain machinery. And with the help of servo motors coupled with the other machines, one can very easily get the automation process in a CNC machinery plant.

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