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The best part of Office 365 is that it is a subscription-based service and its programs are updated on a regular basis. Visit for downloading and installing the best versions of Microsoft Office on your device. Office 365 has real-time co-authoring that even helps users to chat with their colleagues without having to change or exit their Office window.Also, OneNote has been integrated with Outlook.

Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 has been an outstanding version of Office which enhances users’ productivity. Various kinds of stuff can be achieved in Outlook just by hitting a button. Here, MS Outlook also has been featured with a SPAM folder. And it also comes with Skype integration, which indicates that all of the users can make audio and video calls with their co-workers within their applications such as Word and Outlook.

Microsoft Office 2013

Using Office 2013 gives you access to sync the documents to the Cloud. If you are logged in and have an internet connection, then MS Office 2013 apps are themselves going to save the content to the Sky Drive. Also, it has got a digital ink function that allows the users to compose E-mails, create notes, and edit documents using their fingers and stylus.

Microsoft Office 2010

MS Word is the workhorse of the Office 2010 setup. MS Word is hands down the most essential and widely used application. The ribbon menu present in Office 2010 is more intuitive. It offers details about document size, authors, modifications, and permissions. Also, it has been featured with a protected mode which obstructs the users from editing a document until the protected mode is enabled.

Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Word 2007 has a got a Quick Access Toolbar which can be customized accordingly. You can hide the tools which you do not need, or don’t want to show others. Here the Excel Spreadsheets is believed to have a maximum of a million rows and 16000 columns. However, you can make three-dimensional charts of all sorts present on the Excel. MS PowerPoint 2007 has many incredible functions and even more themes. Additionally, MS Outlook also has a three-pane view.

Microsoft Office 2003

Office 2003 has been enhanced and now got a better UI. MS Word 2003 also got a ‘Reading layout view’ which made it handier to go through any document. MS Office 2003 was undoubtedly an improved suite over the previous version. Its applications have been able to perform smoothly, and the year entirely user-friendly. MS Outlook also got a new easy interface, developed email view, and spam filter as well.

Steps to Download Office Setup

  1. Go to   
  2. Tap on the Login button to log in with your MS Office account.
  3. If you don’t have an MS Office account, you will need to tap on the Sign in button and fill some necessary details that are asked.
  4. After you log in to your Office account, you need to go to the Office homepage.
  5. Here you have to choose the Office product/subscription you want to download.
  6. And then tap on the Download Office button.
  7. Wait until your file is completely downloaded.

Steps to Install Office Setup

  1. Double-click on the Office product file you have downloaded.
  2. If you find the message arriving from Account Control prompt that says something similar to “Would you allow this app to make changes to your device?” Tap” Yes” to proceed with the process.
  3. Then enter your password when asking for admin permission in order to allow the access.

Note: If you have a CD or DVD of Office product, you will be then able to skip step 1 and directly insert the disk in your device. And then, you can proceed with the next level.

  • Up next, select the country and language.
  • And enter the 25 digits Office product key.
  • Then follow some of the easy on-screen instructions to start installing Office Setup on your device.
  • Wait for some time until the installation process is finished.

Note: Do not try to interrupt the process or else it may cause errors in the Setup. Besides, you can quickly check your subscription details by visiting on  

Steps to Activate Office Setup

  1. Launch the Office application you have installed.
  2. Accept the terms & conditions after reading themall.
  3. Then enter your Office product key again if asked to do so.

That’s it. Congrats! Following the steps as mentioned above correctly should now activate your MS Office Setup on your device. Thus, you can now start using the utility for various purposes.

Why do we need Microsoft Office?

MS Office has been a handy tool for all the platforms. Even though several competing suites has come to the technology market, yet Microsoft Office suite still continues to be the best in all the fields whether about business, school or personal use. In addition, MS Office 2019, an upcoming version of Office has been slated to roll out in 2018. Below given are some points that will clear the thought in your mind about why you need to Office Setup:

  • Microsoft Office suite is helpful for all. If you area teacher, it will help you make reports using MS Word.
  • If you run a business, you can start using Access,which is database software, to analyze and calculate the critical records.
  • Moreover, you can copy and paste data from a previous month and then start making a graph of monthly trends using MS Excel.
  • MS PowerPoint is also an excellent tool for creating effective presentations and charts to present in front of a large group of audience.
  • If you are a student, MS OneNote can help you quickly take notes and share them with your classmates.

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