Do not make these 3 mistakes if you want to rank higher on Google

Getting on the first page of Google is not an easy task. It is more about what you are doing wrong rather than what you are doing right. A lot of people keep trying newer stuff instead of taking a step back and reconsider everything that they have done so far. If you are serious about getting your rankings higher in Google, you must stop making these three mistakes.

The three mistakes to avoid to rank higher on Google

Many people think that these mistakes are the requisites for higher rankings. However, it is not the case. You must avoid them at any cost. Here they are:

  • No keyword research – Most of the people avoid doing keyword research and start writing content. They believe that good content would make people engage and help them rank. The fact is that people cannot engage if they cannot find your content while searching for a specific keyword to their query.
  • Keyword stuffing – This technique would have worked eight years before, but it is not the case now. Google quickly recognize that you are just stuffing keywords in your content without providing real value. It will lead to a downfall in your ranking.
  • Too long paragraphs – This is a very common mistake made by a lot of people. They are so focused on providing the information that they stuff all the data in one big paragraph. It is hard to read and a lot of people would bounce off your page real quick.

What to do instead

It is better to do keyword research before you start writing content. Avoid keyword stuffing at all costs. Break your content into small paragraphs. You can also try multiple has to offer. You can always find many great SEO agencies with a simple Google search.