Comparing Chat Applications Encryption, Privacy And Safe Usage

Over the years, the progression of technology has significantly changed the way people communicate and how communication can conveniently be done. Communication has never been more uncomplicated, from sending letters to the various post offices to sending messages with a few taps on a technological device.

Today, mobile phones, email, social networking sites, video calls, and online chats are where people commonly communicate with those who are both far and close to them. 

Such diverse mediums are what individuals use to stay close with their social circles and maintain communication with others without being physically present with each other. Written messages in emails, text messages and mobile chats also reduced oral communication.

Also, the use of instant messaging has increasingly become more apparent in businesses and for personal use. All instant messaging applications each have a level of simplicity but have different features. 

However, privacy is of utmost concern when using these instant messaging applications. When using one, it is essential to have end-to-end encryption – a practice of encrypting a message and decrypting it on the recipient’s device. Users will not worry about text messages or mobile call monitoring. 

There are many companies that offers the most private chat application. One of them is Telemessage which offers end-to-end encryption for sent messages and received through a certain application. 

Learn more about comparing chat applications encryption, privacy and safe usage by reading this infographic made by Telemessage.