Winter Fashions Your Favorite Celebs Endorse In This Season

Dressing for cold months in Dubai City comes with special challenges. There is a frequent type of mild temperature that may drop after evening. Walking outside the home or office may feel cold if you have nothing on body. Coupon.ae empowers the buyers with American Eagle promo code so they have chances to shop best winter apparels and clothing at discounted prices. After buying the trendy warm clothes, you will forget to say “oh, it’s too cold outside.” Here are cold month clothing trend by the top celebrities.


Emily Ratajkowskiis endorsing puffer trend in this season. Wearing puffers is suitable in the mild temperatures. The puffers resemble with a sleeping bag but these are extremely warm and comfortable. Try these on when it is freezing outside and you will feel best level ofwarmth. This would be your favorite winter apparel in any type of situation.

Fancy Sweaters:

Check your Instagram and open the profile of Irina Shayk. She is wearing a beautiful self-portraitsweater with black skinny pants and long boots. This dressing style is different fromyour typical approach in the winters. Girls who want to look gorgeous and more stylish must try it.

Chunky Sole Shoes:

American Eagle promo code makes shoes affordable and economical. Girls who love Bella Hadidmust discover what she is wearing in this season. Her latest posts suggest that Bella endorses beautiful but chunky sole shoes. These are good for short stature girls because of the high heel. The shoes offer flimsy flats with great shine.


It is hard to ignore the beauty of Sherpas. These are among the top winter apparels to buy and add in closet. Joan Smalls is an advocate of this beautiful piece because her recent posts cover the amazing styles. A Sherpa in teddy bear style is getting more attention because of the sleek look and warm feelings.


Katie Holmes has been cited with polished joggers. This is a great endorsement as her followers are rushing to buy these special shoes online. Coupon.ae has outstanding discounts for the Katie’s fans who would like to have these polished joggers. Consider pairing a wool coat or a blazer with this for a stunning look.

Sweat Dress:

A comfortable and warm sweatdress is a big blessing in the cold. This dress lets your body sweat even in the roughest cold outside. Enjoy the winters without compromising on your style. Bring the beautiful sweatdressand see how it can adjust with your dressing routine.Fan who wants to see who is endorsing these dresses should focus on Olivia Palermo.

Leather Pants: Leather pants are popular to offer cool and sensational dressing. Girls wearing leather pants can have a unique feeling. These pants are suitable for the casual as well as party purposes. This is why Sarah Jessica Parker wears skinny leather pants when going out for public meetings. She also endorses American Eagle promo codeon various winter apparelshaving potential to boost your personality and style.