Tips on sending documents abroad

Nowadays, with the rise in technology and extensive use of the internet, sending documents overseas through offline mediums have seen to be archaic. Sometimes the document needs to be delivered physically in solid form. Having this in view, the document needs to arrive its destination safely and in time.

Shipping documents abroad seem to be quite an easy venture, as documents can bypass through customs, especially when using an express document delivery (รับ ส่ง เอกสาร ด่วน, which is the term in Thai). Other packages will have to go through customs paperwork and analysis of every detail in the package. This has proven to be time-wasting.

Sending a document abroad is quite easy if we can follow specific simple steps. You can opt for a document delivery service only when you are sure you cannot scan the document and send it through the e-mail. Sometimes the document might be a legal document or a document concerning security details and at such should not be scanned, this is when hiring a document delivery service is needed.

Tips On Sending Documents Abroad

  • Store your documents in the right envelope or box
  • Measure the size of your parcel, and it’s length, height and weight.
  • Choose your preferred delivery service. Be sure you choose one with the fastest service.
  • Enter the details of your parcel or documents into the booking system.
  • If possible, choose to add insurance to your package.
  • Attach the shipping documents given to you by the shipping company to your parcel.

There are many kinds of documents you can send abroad through document delivery systems. Documents like visa applications which need much paperwork for completion as well as other forms and necessary pieces of evidence. These documents cannot be scanned and sent as they require physical presence.