Safe Driving Habits That Save You Money

Human error is the cause of 90% of road accidents. Adopting good driving habits such as looking out for speed bumps such as speed bumps Los Angeles for example allows you to ensure your safety and that of others and save time and money. Keep the following three driving habits in mind and help improve the experience of all road users.

1. Avoid Speeding – It’s Risky

Many try to justify driving at high speed to reach their destination faster. While this may be true, is the time you save worth the risk of collisions, injuries, and fines you take? For example, a 25 km trip on the highway takes:

  • 15 minutes respecting the posted speed limit of 100 km/h
  • 12 minutes and 30 seconds while driving at 120 km/h

In this case, you gain two minutes and 30 seconds. However, this calculation does not consider traffic congestion or traffic lights outside the motorway, two factors that could negate this small time-saving.

Driving at high speed has a price. Harsh acceleration and braking use more fuel and wear your brakes and tires faster, exposing you to fines and increased risk of collision. Speedy driving can increase your fuel consumption by 25%, an additional $500 per year for someone who regularly drives to work or school example for. Obey speed limits and use the following techniques to reduce your gas bill:

  • Accelerate gently
  • Raise your foot to decelerate (anticipating stops and slowdowns)
  • Maintain a constant speed

2. Maintain Good Air Pressure In Your Tires – It Pays Off And Is Safe

Not properly inflated tires reduce your vehicle’s handling and increase your stopping distance. It also means that you need to replace your tires more frequently because an underinflated tire aggravates uneven wear, increases the risk of blowouts, and reduces fuel economy.

Fortunately, these costly problems can be alleviated by regularly using a less expensive tool: a tire pressure gauge, which you can get online or in the automotive section of many retail stores. Even if your vehicle has an electronic tire pressure monitoring system, keeping a tire pressure gauge in your glove box would be wise. Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or the tire placard for the recommended pressure.

3. Keep Your Eyes On The Road – Distracted Driving Can Be Deadly

You probably think you’re capable of multitasking, but did you know that humans can only consciously do one thing at a time? It is impossible to give your full attention to driving while doing another task simultaneously: texting, changing the radio station, eating, etc. When you look at your phone for just two seconds, you’re already doubling your risk of collision. At 100 km/h, you travel 52 m in two seconds – about the length of a hockey rink – during which road conditions can change dramatically.

In addition to ever-increasing fines and demerit points, distracted driving can lead to driver’s license suspension and vehicle impoundment. So, stay focused on the road because distracted driving is a bad idea financially and from a safety standpoint.