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Reasons Why You Should Go For High Disinfection Solutions

Disinfection agents like concentrated chemicals and UV sanitizer hospital grade UV light vary in the power of eliminating pathogens. For instance, research shows that UV disinfection kills superbugs like Clostridium difficile and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which are tolerant to some chemical disinfectants.

In a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC), UV light disinfection of hospitals from R-Zerowas more effective than chemical disinfection. UV light disinfection reduced active microbial loads on sampled objects by 92% – 97% while chemical disinfection by 52.8%-90.9%. Meaning, the power of different disinfection solutions varies – some are powerful, while some are weak. And you must only opt for those that are powerful because of the following reasons.

Fast pathogen elimination time

Different chemical disinfectants and UV systems vary in their time to decontaminate a surface. Meaning, you only get a fast disinfection time by opting for the most effective disinfection solutions. For the part of UV lamps and systems, the wavelength of the UV light determines the kill time. In contrast, for chemical disinfectants, concentration and the chemical type determine how fast they destroy pathogens. In general, opt for the most powerful disinfection methods to get the fastest pathogen elimination time.

Minimum safety issues

Safety is the top priority when creating a disinfection strategy. You may be worried about the effects the method will have on people or surfaces getting decontaminated. That’s because some disinfectants are toxic, others corrosive, while some stain surfaces, posing a danger to people who’ll interact with the surfaces. Luckily, opting for high-level disinfection solutions minimizes or rules out safety issues. For instance, automatic UV systems enable chemical-free disinfection, making it safe for use in almost every industry. And since they are automated, they help you save time, labor costs, and provide protection against exposure to UV light.  Hence, you’ll get efficient decontamination without worrying about people’s safety or damage to the disinfected surfaces.

Effective decontamination

Effective decontamination is the ability to destroy microbes and pathogens that are of top concern in your facility. The thing is different organizations may worry about different disease-causing microorganisms. Plus, different disinfectants are effective against specific pathogens.  For example, 0.05% of Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) and ethanol (70% and above) based products can inactivate coronavirus (according to WHO). However, the same disinfectants do not guarantee to decontaminate surfaces with Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). This means different pathogens have different strains, and disinfectants are effective for specific strains. Meaning, your industry and facility type have specific decontamination needs. Therefore, opt for powerful and personalized disinfection solutions for top effectiveness.

Promotes a healthy working environment

The UV light disinfection units help provide clean air on your business premises. Thus ensuring employees have clean air at all times. That also means employees will be more productive thanks to the friendly safe work environment. Also, your business will attract more customers. Even then use UV-C systems in areas that badly need clean air. What’s more, since the UVC light units eliminate pathogens and airborne diseases, they ensure your business remains safe for customers and workers.

Not every disinfectant or decontamination technique will work for your business, which is to say, identify your facility’s disinfection needs and only opt for the best microorganism killing method.