Mass Construction With Eco-Rubber Bricks

Brick is a relatively inexpensive material, but it is not so cheap when considering massive residential buildings. As an additive in the brick mix, the rubber has proven very suitable material qualities for profitable construction and higher quality. In short, a sustainable, durable, resistant, and profitable alternative for any initiative aimed at offering more affordable and quality housing solutions is the use of recycled rubber eco-bricks.

If you have a mass housing construction project, be it low-income housing complexes or another kind of massive proposal, two things must be considered: quantity and quality. With ground rubber eco-brick, more houses can be built well below the traditional market’s usual costs; But it is not only about profitability but also about the quality that rubber provides as a raw material.

Constructions with epoxy resin recycled rubber eco-bricks are more resistant to the elements and the weather; being thermoregulatory, they adapt and stabilize any outside temperature. If you are in a hot area, the rubber eco-brick will absorb moisture, which, when released, will create a relaxed environment; but, if you are in a cold place, the thickness of the ground rubber eco-brick (14cm) will help to keep the heat inside the structure.

The rubber eco-brick is a material of more excellent durability than the conventional brick. It is also more resistant to vibrations, water, and other elements; It is a term electrical and acoustic insulator. With eco-brick, it is economically viable to build more affordable housing around the world.

Safety Advantages of Granulated Rubber Flooring

The qualities that the granulated rubber product of recycling gives to any other material to which it is added and the products containing this raw material vary. Rubber is a widely used material for the construction and manufacture of products related to people’s safety. One of the applications of granulated rubber in this matter is the construction of safety floors.

Granular rubber flooring and coverings are safer and more comfortable than conventional flooring. They are resistant to high temperatures without burning, being ideal for all kinds of buildings and spaces prone to fires due to the activities carried out in them. They are also ideal for covering escape routes.

Its non-slip surface minimizes the risks of falls due to slipping, offering more excellent traction with each step. In an emergency exit, this class of floors will prevent any accidents that make it difficult for people to move freely and quietly to a safe area.

Undoubtedly, recycled rubber floors are the safest alternative for kitchens, hospitals, gyms, playgrounds, public, and private recreation spaces.