Is on-premise PBX phone system the ideal solution for business set up?

PBX, also called On-Premise IP PBX is the private telephone network that is now used by many corporate offices across the world. It is majorly used within a corporate organization setup.

PBX or Private Branch Exchange is found to be the best solution for internal and external communication in a business unit, among the staffs, customers and clients.

PBX phone system will help the staffs to make more calls than the traditional telephone system. As the name suggests, an on-premise PBX is the PBX system that is used within the office premises. VoIP service providers are now offering better options under PBX.  There are many speciality of On-Premise IP PBX that is used as the business phone system solutions. Some of the features are listed below-

  • Call hold
  • Call queue
  • Call recordings
  • Call routing
  • Call transfer
  • Call transfers
  • Free call between the users
  • Interactive voice menus
  • On-hold information and music facility
  • Remote connectivity
  • Video conference
  • Voice mail call
  • Voice mail to emails
  • And more

Other than these features, there are many benefits of using on-premise PBX in a company business system. Some of the best benefits are listed below for the reference  –

Internet connection

The on-premise PBX solution assures better internet connectivity. It is reliable, best quality, and the ideal solution for any businesses than any other internet providers. Better connectivity helps in better business communication, including fax, video conference, voice message.

Minimised cost

There is cost associated with each feature when hosted through VoIP system such as call queue, call recordings and even contact centre function.  On-premise PBX assures to offer the lowest pricing among other service providers. All the features come as a single package for the business communication.

Better running cost

On-premise PBX does not have any hidden charges after the initial registration for the service. The best add-ons under the on-premise IP PBX is the trunk usage, diversity selection and the multiple users under the system.

Additional feature

Under the on-premise PBX phone system, the equipment can be owned by you if you want to keep using it for better business running. For other phone systems, and this feature is not accessible free of cost. You rarely own the equipment that is provided. And you might even have to pay the rental charges for the hardware provided by the service provider.

To sum up, if you are the business owner looking for the best, reliable, best highlightedintegrated communication system at the most cost-efficient price, then PBX phone systems is the ideal solution.

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