How to find a side-hustle that could make you rich one day

The pandemic has hit everyone. People lost lives and people who are living lost their jobs. A lot of people are suffering due to the loss of loved ones or the loss of income.

However, there are many methods that could help you make money without any issue. No matter what the situation will be, you will be always making money using these methods.

Why a job is not as secure as people think it is

Job has always been considered the most secure method of making money. You are working for someone else and that person is paying you a salary that gets credited into your account each month.

However, it has been observed multiple times that every time a disaster struck, people lose their precious jobs. Every recession or pandemic makes people go jobless.

How to secure your income

In order to secure your income, you must have multiple streams of cash flow. It can only be possible by finding a good side hustle.

A side hustle could be part-time job that will make you a decent income every month.

How to find your side hustle

It is not hard to find your side hustle. You must find out what you are good at. You could be good at anything like writing, a language, or a business skill.

Develop that skill to present yourself as an expert.

Create courses

The best way to utilize your skills is to create an online course [belajar online, which is the term in Indonesian] and sell it.

You do not get to spend a lot of time in learning a skill that you are going to teach. You are already a master in it. All you need to do is to do a little research to understand the market.

Spend some time creating a community and gain the people’s trust. Soon, you will be making a lot more than your job.