Can A Bankruptcy Lawyer Stop Creditor Harassment?

Maintaining stable finances isn’t always easy. We may encounter challenges that can put our financial life in jeopardy such as the loss of a steady income—businesses don’t always succeed and sometimes fail, or you can get laid off from your job. Other times, we get a huge dent in our budget because of large expenses like hospital bills or emergencies.

These challenges and a great many others can have a big effect on any debts that you’re trying to pay off. Anyone who’s had experience dealing with debt collectors will probably say that the experience is not exactly a pleasant one. One way to get your affairs in order and to stop the barrage of calls from debt collectors is to hire Bankruptcy lawyers.

Declaring bankruptcy is not automatically bad for you

The term bankruptcy can sometimes be a scary and negative connotation to a lot of people. It’s also usually associated with companies or other big businesses. But bankruptcy can also apply to individuals who are struggling financially. A student who can’t pay off their student loans can do this, as well as someone who just isn’t able to make payments on their credit card.

One thing that bankruptcy lawyers want to remind us is that filing for bankruptcy doesn’t automatically have to mean a bad thing. In fact, it can be a way for you to be able to regroup yourself and find a way to overcome your challenge. Lawyers are here to help and guide you through different options and payment plans so that in the end, you can be debt-free.

If you’re being harassed by a creditor, engaging a litigation support professional from can help you with.


Debt collectors can be aggressive. They will always operate within the boundaries of the law but will make sure to use every trick in the book to force you into making your payments no matter what situation you’re in. Bankruptcy lawyers can protect you from harassment from collectors whether they resort to threatening you or using foul language during conversations.

Calls, letters, emails, text messages

There’s a movie titled Confessions of a Shopaholic, where the leading character tries to dodge incessant calls from her debt collector. Getting calls and messages at all times of the day can be uncomfortable and jarring. Bankruptcy lawyers can apply for a stay so that debt collectors are not allowed to communicate with you through these channels. This way, you can get a break from the nagging and focus on how to resolve your debt.

Surprise work visits

Hiring an attorney is one way to safeguard your peace of mind at your workplace. Debt collectors are prohibited from visiting you and reaching out to you at your office. You can safely work and accomplish your tasks in peace without fear of getting a visit from collectors.


One of the tricks that collectors sometimes use on people with debt is to threaten them with more lawsuits. Declaring bankruptcy and hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can grant you an order that states your debt collector is prohibited from filing a lawsuit against you.

Bankruptcy lawyers can save you from a ton of headaches and worries. At Bolger Law Firm, we are here to help when you need it most. Contact us today!