Build an online presence to attract more customers

Every business, small or big, needs customers to thrive. You cannot survive the competition if you do not want ways to acquire more and more customers as soon as possible.

However, the whole world is on internet today. You can find your potential customers from all over the world. But, you do need a strategy. Due to the competition, you must form a strategy before diving right in.

Some ways to acquire customers

There are multiple ways to create brand awareness. Most notable of them are:

  • Search engine marketing, where you pay Google to display your URL on top of the search results
  • Social media marketing, where you post your ads on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on
  • Search engine optimization, where you try to rank on the first page of Google for different keywords

You can start with any one of them. Though, all of them can be considered equally important.

How to acquire customers the right way

The only way you can set yourself different from other competitors is by building trust. If you have people’s trust, they will become your customer easily.

Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Create a niche blog whether you provide a service or sell a product.
  • Create different social media accounts. Use different tactics to grow your account. For instance, run paid ads to promote twitter account [โปรโมท ทวิ ต เตอร, which is the term in Thai].
  • Create a Facebook page and build a community to gain people’s trust.
  • Stay active everywhere and keep providing useful information to the people.

Why these are necessary

If you provide value to people every day, like solving their query or providing new information, they are more likely to trust you. Once you gain the trust, you gain the customer.

Just make sure that you are genuinely helping them. It will take you to new heights.

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Infographic created by Clover, a retail POS system company.