Bring the Perfect Solutions in Project Management

The team must be built wisely by integrating all the skills needed to do the job. If the working group is already identified in the start-up phase of the project and someone does not have the required skills, a training phase should be provided to align their skills. Especially at the beginning of the work it may be appropriate to carry out team building activities to strengthen the team spirit.

The Essential Tasks for You

The task of maintaining relationships with stakeholders (all parties involved in the project) is the task of the project manager. He must therefore understand the needs of his interlocutors and define communication strategies especially with those who by role, power or interest in the results of the project can help or hinder him. Use the project management templates  for the best results now.

  • It is also necessary to have both methodological and IT tools that can help work planning and management. These tools will also help in supporting the internal documentation and information sharing standards provided for each project.
  • Before starting the implementation phase, it is necessary to share and discuss the plan with management to obtain approval. Subsequently, once approved, it will be shared with the project team to transfer information useful for carrying out the work, obtaining the involvement and empowerment of people.

The importance of planning in a project is attested by the infinite number of failures in the face of the limited time spent on preliminary activities. What are the chances of success of a project if you skip the planning phase and proceed directly with the implementation?

Often in organizations, project managers are under enormous pressure to compress planning times and efforts and proceed directly to fulfill what is required. In all these cases we forget that the project manager and a few other people participate in the planning activity while the realization involves many more people.

Therefore, an error intercepted during the planning phase entails a company cost much lower than the correction of the same error when the works are already started considering all the organizational impacts of a change with the running train.

The Dependence

All this does not depend on the type of methodology that is used. That you work with an Agile or Waterfall approach, when the scope of what needs to be done is unclear, when it has not been planned how and when the expected products will be delivered, at what costs or when the risks have not been identified, analyzed and evaluated the countermeasures, there is only one sure thing. The approach taken is a guarantee for failure. This reaffirms the importance of planning as a basis for success.

How many projects are started without a business justification, without a clear definition of roles and responsibilities, without processes to manage risks, without procedures to manage the variations and problems that arise during the work or to monitor and control the progress of the works?


You need to be a genius to manage a project without setting its objectives, controls, timing and associated costs, release calendar, quality of work, risks and expected benefits.

Tools, such as Buddy Punch time clock software, are great investments to help with project management within a business. The team time tracking app can help you determine how much time is being spent on a project compared to the time you’ve estimated and budgeted for. Using the information gleaned from Buddy Punch, you can adjust staffing to meet your needs.