Many types of cryptocurrencies you must be aware of

By now, bitcoin is considered the most prevalent decentralized cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, besides bitcoin, you will find altcoins too that offer great value. Some other popular kinds of cryptocurrencies are:

  • Litecoin or LTC – Litecoin was formed by an MIT graduate and former engineer of Google, Charlie Lee. Similar to bitcoin, a central authority does not control Litecoin. It utilizes scrypt as its proof of work. The working process of Litecoin is different from Bitcoin as the former has got a quicker rate of block generation. It means it proposes a quicker transaction confirmation. Litecoin is formed on an open-source worldwide payment network. Commonly, merchants accept this coin.
  • Ethereum or ETH – Ethereum was launched in 2015. ETH enables Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications to be created and run without fraud, control, or interference of a third party. There is also present an element named ether that works similar to a vehicle in the platform of Ethereum. Numerous developers who are looking forward to developing and running apps in Ethereum aim to buy different other digital currencies too. For gaining more news, you must get to Crypto News as it maintains professional principles of journalism all the time.
  • Zcash or ZEC – Similar to other altcoins, ZEC is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that was launched in 2016. This cryptocurrency proposes selective transparency and privacy of transactions. This is an exclusive feature that is different from various other altcoins. Zcash claims to propose additional security where every transaction is recorded as well as published on blockchains.
  • Dash – Originally, Dash was called darkcoin. This is a more secretive variation of bitcoin. The working mechanism of Dash turns transactions nearly untraceable. It happens as it proposes anonymity and works on some decentralized mastercode networks. In the year 2014, Dash was launched and since that time, it has witnessed a huge fan following. You can mine it utilizing a CPU or a GPU.

Some other cryptocurrencies comprise Monero, Ripple, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, and EOS.

Tips for investing in cryptocurrencies safely

Every investment is risky but according to some experts, cryptocurrencies are considered one of the riskier investment choices. Some tips for investing are:

  • Research exchanges – Before people invest a dollar, they should be aware of cryptocurrency exchanges as these platforms propose the means for buying and selling digital currencies. However, there are present five hundred exchanges from where people can take their pick. Hence, it is important to research and go through reviews well before you move forward.
  • Become aware of storing your digital currency – When you purchase cryptocurrency, you will be required to store it too. For storing purposes, you can use an exchange. You will come across various types of wallets too that come with their own benefits, security, and technical needs.
  • Diversify your investments – For any investment strategy, diversification turns into a vital key. This notion turns true even when you invest in cryptocurrency. Never put all your hard-earned money in Bitcoin only. You will get hundreds and thousands of choices. Therefore, you have to explore all of them before proceeding forward.

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