Why You Shouldn’t Outsource Virtual Assistant Services to India

When you look on the internet for affordable and quality options to outsource virtual assistance services, you may find many articles suggesting outsourcing your work to India. The country is one of the leading BPO providers and has been recognized as a major player in the VA outsourcing industry, along with India, China, Eastern Europe, and Brazil.

While outsourcing your VA tasks to India may be affordable and can save you some money, there are some disadvantages of outsourcing 24×7 virtual assistant services to India.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t hire a virtual assistant from the India:

1. Poor eCommerce-based VA Services

The major focus of India is on voice-based services, and the country is yet to emerge to provide quality e-commerce-based virtual assistant services. If you are looking for virtual assistants that can assist you in your e-commerce business, looking for a VA located in India might not be a great option. Instead, e-commerce businesses looking for the best virtual assistant services can choose virtual assistants in India for the best results.

2. Philippine’s Pro-employee Labor Code

In India, an employer cannot terminate any employee at will. The employer needs proper documentation and justifiable reasons to fire an employee. When terminating, the company needs to provide severance pay to the employee. Hiring an employee who doesn’t perform up to expectations may be a headache as terminating an employee would involve a lot of documentation in India.

3. Bad Weather

The country is a tropical archipelago that resides in the west of the Pacific Ocean, experiencing over 20 storms every year that can interrupt the power and cancel the work in flood-prone areas. Additionally, it is located within the Pacific ring of fire, experiencing frequent volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. With the risk of several uncontrollable situations, it is better to look for other options than India to outsource VA services.

Hence, it is better to outsource your work to countries like India that normally have normal weather throughout the year, providing reliable and continuous services.

4. Poor IT Infrastructure

As Filipinos have good English proficiency, the country is the preferred option for outsourcing BPO processes. However, when looking for a country with a great IT talent pool, the India is not among the best. The country is ranked seventh in the most preferred IT services outsourcing destinations. It is not a technically advanced country with a poor IT infrastructure.

Hence, when looking for a virtual assistant proficient with technology, choosing virtual assistants in India is better.. India has been the most attractive location for IT outsourcing globally. So, to outsource all the IT-related work, Indian talent is the first choice for most businesses.

5. Sales Integrated Services

While India is one of the most preferred destinations to outsource virtual assistant tasks, businesses around India are looking to turn their service centers to profit centers. Most businesses choose to offer sales-based services instead of customer support. With sales elements being added to one of the best destinations for voice-based services, businesses are heading toward other destinations to outsource support centers.

According to The Economic Times report, Telstra and Best Buy have recently relocated their support centers to India, and Aegis BPO has shifted over 600 jobs from India to India. Hence, it is clear big businesses are also shifting their support centers to India because of the sales factor.

Why is India a better alternative for your Outsourcing needs?-

Despite being one of the most preferred locations to outsource virtual assistant services for businesses globally, choosing a VA from India can be a worrisome task. Businesses may be able to avail affordable labor cost by choosing to hire a virtual assistant from India, but considering the disadvantages mentioned above, it is better to choose a country that offers reliable services, better IT infrastructure, talent pool, and a good reputation along with affordable labor cost.

That’s when you can try outsourcing to India  –

Outsourcing your virtual assistant needs to India opens a new horizon of talent with a  graduate degree and industry-specific experience. 

Moreover, India is one of the largest English speaking countries in the world. Their proficiency in the language has encouraged clients to seek Indian outsourcing companies for their business needs, in recent years. 

Most Indian virtual assistant companies also offer affordable and flexible pricing plans that give your business an opportunity to choose the  one that works best for you. Outsourcing to India can help save more than 60% of your operating expenses and increase profits.

Though there is no one-on-one comparison between the countries, India has a clear edge over India with a better talent pool, flexible pricing and better technology support. To hire a virtual assistant for customer support, graphics designing, web development, e-commerce store management, or back-office support, one can easily find quality virtual assistants in India with expertise in these fields.

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