Highlights on Forex Broker Scam

The forex is a field that lends itself to fraudulent phenomena of unscrupulous companies that exploit the desire for budding traders looking for quick and natural wealth. What you find in this article is not found on the usual and banal trading sites, so be careful because the information contained on this page will save you time, money, and headaches. Of course, not all traders have had the misfortune of finding dishonest brokers on their way, but understanding the basic rules for recognizing a forex broker scam can help.

How To Recognize False Forex Broker Reviews

The first step that you are taken to do when you come to know from friends or from various advertisements of the existence of a broker that allows you to trade forex is to go on the internet and search for as many reviews as possible from the most significant number. Of possible sources. It is believed that with a free and fast search, you can avoid a disaster later; however, it is not so simple. Unfortunately, most of the reviews on the internet about Forex Brokers are false. It is necessary not to stop at the first research results.

The practice that sees review site managers take commissions from Forex Brokers is increasingly common in exchange for entirely false positive reviews, without any foundation. There is even the practice of paying to discredit others. Some sites are paid by the little serious brokers to discredit honest brokers. Therefore, you will find negative reviews on absolutely reliable and serious brokers. It follows that just following the reports, you will be wholly misled as there is a tremendous amount of false and manipulated information.

Manipulating Review sites, possible or not?

How can someone recognize review sites that take commissions from brokers and get paid to write manipulated reviews? A broker is considered reliable and serious if authorized by a regulator unlike in bitcoin conversion (แปลงบิทคอยน์ which is the term in Thai). These regulators differ from various countries and continents. These sites make great publicity to the regulator, without, however, going into the merits of the platform and the real operating conditions.