A Mom and kids’ blogger is highly influential. Other parents often look up to these blogs for parenting advice. Mom and kids bloggers get collaboration opportunities from baby care brands, homeware brands, parenting books, publishers, authors, cosmetic brands, and many more.  Mom and kids bloggers rule the lifestyle blogging section.

Mom and kids bloggers write reviews on the products that are sent by the brands. The reviews are mainly detailed description about the product and also mention how to use them successfully. They use a lot of cartoons illustration services (รับ วาด การ์ตูน which is the term in Thai)

 to make the blogs more appealing for the kids.


The essential part of a brand is to select the correct technology blogger. There are great a number of things that need to be kept in mind when selecting a technology blogger. The technology bloggers are also experts in providing comic illustration services(วาด ภาพประกอบ นิทาน which is the term in Thai) with wonderful graphical effects. The several points to consider to choose the correct person is explained as follows;-

  1. Followers Count: The number of followers the blogger has is very important
  2. Product review Quality: The blogger’s reviews and photo quality should be good. It should promote your brand’s message successfully
  3. Expected pay: The expected pay of the blogger with that of your brand is very important to be kept in mind

The process of selecting a blogger is sometimes very hard. We have an option on our website where we can help you with this task of selecting a blogger. All that you need to do is fill in a couple of details about your brand, your project and your budget. We will find some of the best candidates for you.