Do You Have A Problem with Watching Sky Go Abroad?

Sky Go is a popular streaming service in Europe, the platforms cater to your favorite European programs. However, there is one problem with your favorite streaming app Sky go, it does not let you streaming programs when you watch content over Sky Go All Estero.

Well, you can use a VPN to stream Sky go to watch Europe TV abroad, VPN comes in handy in this type of situation where it helps you to stream sitcom or movies available on the platform for a different country.

Without VPN, streaming Sky Go abroad is going to be difficult task for you. Good for you as VPN is quite easy to use, and you can easily use it to unblock the Sky go. Here is how you can use it, but first let us understand why are you restricted to use Sky to go outside Europe.

Why Sky go abroad restrict you?

All streaming platform services restrict some of the content to certain countries, the reason behind it is licensing of content. This means if the streaming service stream the licensed content outside of the country it is a breach of the agreement.

How restrictions are enforced?

The IP address from the server you are connected provides the details about the country you are located in. If you use the Sky Go All Estero from another country then UK, Sky go will block you by picking up the IP address. To enjoy the Sky Go you will have to dump your current IP address go for a VPN which will let you take an IP address from another country such as the UK itself.

How to Change IP address with the Help of a VPN?

Here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow to use a VPN and unblock all the content of different countries.

Install the App

After choosing the VPN service provider, you need to download and install the app on the device you like to stream Sky Go Abroad.

Open the App

After installation, open the app. There you will get an option to choose the server from different countries. If you choose the UK, your IP address will change accordingly. You can stream all the content on the sky go that is restricted only for the UK audience.

Furthermore, you can also connect to the server of a different region in the UK to access more of the restricted content.

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