All You Need to Know About Compliance Training

Are you familiar with what compliance training is all about? You may have heard it with new tools like True Office Learning offering their training software and services. Or, you probably already know of it and have felt like it was a distraction and excess costs, taking you away from running a business to make a profit.

When you see it from an employee’s side, it might just seem like more boring online compliance training they have to go through. However, thinking like this is quite shortsighted. Read on to learn more about what compliance training is.

About Compliance Training

Compliance training is a formal program educating employees on the actions, policies, and procedures that are required to follow. Such rules and regulations will prevent problems in the workplace and law.

Furthermore, these policies and procedures are usually specific to the job and/or industry. That said, there are cases where they are government-mandated and would apply across all industries or even the corporate world as a whole.

The Importance of Compliance Training

Businesses have a social responsibility to the general public and their employees. Compliance training can create a safe workplace that is free from harassment, as well as protect consumer data and privacy. Since companies will always be at risk of ruining their reputation, going through legal actions, or worst, closing down, compliance training is the main priority when it comes to your business’ risk management.

But compliance isn’t only about minimizing the risk. It is crucial for other reasons, such as:

·          Increasing workplace productivity

·          Create a safer workplace

·          Secure business insurance

·          Protect the business operations

·          Minimize risks of legal action

·          Reduce absents from physical or mental health issues

Besides what was mentioned above, compliance training will show employees that you don’t just respect their dignity. It shows you run a reputable business that needs to be taken seriously.

What to Include in Compliance Training

Regardless of the kind of business you manage, compliance training needs to be a top priority. There are a lot of different topics you need to tackle when conducting compliance training programs. Here are just a few examples of the courses that cover industry-specific and government-mandated compliance regulations:

·          Anti-harassment programs will talk about the guidance and measures when it comes to bullying and harassment.

·          Cybersecurity would overlap with data protection and privacy, but it’s recommended to separate both topics.

·          Business ethics will talk about a code of ethics detailing specific guidelines for disciplinary actions taken.

·          Diversity training tackles the strengths of diversity and working with people of other sexual orientations, cultures, ages, and the like.

·          Data protection and privacy talk about how employees should handle data safely even beyond the office, and what to do if ever their devices get lost or stolen.

·          Workplace safety will include first aid training, emergency preparedness, and the like

Wrapping It Up

I hope you learned a lot about compliance training and how it’s important for the business. Be sure to conduct compliance training for your employees to reap the benefits it provides.