The four waves of industrial revolution and the way it changed the course of history:

The evolution of the Industrial sector is a fascinating one. If you look at the history you will find that there are some key moments when the course of Industrial work shifted its paradigms. The first Industrial revolution came in the eighteenth century England with the introduction of basic machines and steam power. Then the […]

The technological advancements and its impact on machine maintenance:

The machines that were developed in the eighteenth century in England started the first wave of industrial revolution. And since then the technological advancements only made human sufferings lesser and provided with simpler means to do a job. However, the importance of machines cannot be judged based upon what they do, rather what they don’t. […]

Build an online presence to attract more customers

Every business, small or big, needs customers to thrive. You cannot survive the competition if you do not want ways to acquire more and more customers as soon as possible. However, the whole world is on internet today. You can find your potential customers from all over the world. But, you do need a strategy. […]

Airgain announces the 5G or it affects the stock market

Investors might trade in the pre-market or after the hour’s market. In the market, participation comes from the market makers that are strictly voluntary based on results. The session might over inferior prices or less liquidity. Stock prices are improving rapidly in this nature. Investors who are going to anticipate in the trading strongly advised […]

Tax for Sales: Your Options for fast Decision

  A mason is subject to a tax audit which leads, in particular, to a Sales tax adjustment. As such, the auditor denies him the possibility of recovering the Sales tax he has paid for invoices paid to his suppliers (what is called the right of deduction). Wrongly? With the free sales tax calculator you […]